Rotary Club of Lusaka Celebrates 70th Anniversary


The Rotary Club of Lusaka celebrated its 70th anniversary at a glamorous event held at the Quorum Hotel on 26 April 2024, which was officiated by the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Rodney Sikumba.

The Minister congratulated the Rotary Club of Lusaka for attaining 70 years of existence and being the oldest Club in Lusaka that has chartered other clubs. He further went on to recognize how the Club has been sustained by the unwavering volunteers and selfness effort of the diverse busy professionals, business people and community leaders over 7 decades.

The Rotary Club of Lusaka President Pamela Pio, stated that throughout the history of the Club it has ceaselessly dedicated itself to charitable endeavors both within the bustling heart of Lusaka and beyond its borders. She took the time to highlight various projects undertaken over the 70 years which have changed the lives of vulnerable men and women, the physically challenged, orphans and vulnerable children. 

The Minister also thanked the Rotary Club of Lusaka President Pamela Pio and the members for the brilliant foresight, planning and execution of projects which is an attestation of the commitment to the Rotary goals and objectives.