Education is a public good, and it is in the interest of communities and societies that all children receive a quality and safe education.

The cost of failing children in this regard is not only an issue of children’s rights, and a personal loss for the child’s own development and later opportunities, but it is also a loss for socities that then suffer from lower productivity, higher welfare dependency of an individual, greater social inequality and intergenerational transmission of vulnerability.











On Saturday, 24th July 2021, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) worth close to £5,000 was delivered and handed out to three COVID-19 centres in Lusaka by the Rotary Club of Lusaka on behalf of the Rotary E-Club of Zambezi and the Global Alliance of Zambian Health Care Practitioners (GAZHP).

The equipment was mobilized, donated and shipped from the United Kingdom (UK) by E-Club of Zambezi working with GAZHP and was designated for the frontline staff battling COVID-19 at the University Teaching Hospital, Levy Mwanawasa Hospital and Maina Soko Medical Centre.

President Kafula Mwiche with Assistant Governor, Goliath Mungonge and PP Abraham Geevarghese delivered the consignments to the three centres on behalf of the organizations. Rotary E-Club of Zambezi is a new club which was set up three months ago with 21 members globally and the club meets online twice a month. Although registered in the UK, E-Club Zambezi falls under the Rotary District D9210.

And two Zambians based in the UK, Dr Lloyd Lukama and Dr. Emmanuel Zyambo who are owners of businesses providing care services in the UK donated the 23 boxes containing various PPS (face masks, face shields for the cause). The group was moved by the high rate COVID-19 infection among health workers in the country. GAZHP is in the process of mobilizing more PPE for onward donation to the COVID-19 Centres in Lusaka in particular and other Centres in the country.


On 3rd July 2021, the Club completed the last stage of this project by installing the submersible pump in the borehole, connecting the water pipe from the pump to the overhead tank, connecting water from the tank to the clinic, connecting electrical cables from the clinic to the pump and securing the top of the borehole with concrete seal and ZESCO connection was applied for.

#Watch the space for the handover.


On 17th June 2021, the Club in partnership with Imiti Ikula Youth Organisation handed over a water tank with solar pump to Mtendere Primary School. The school has a Pupil Population of over 2,500 and the water is accessible by the surrounding community. The importance of water in this period of the Covid-19 pandemic cannot be over emphasized.

(March – August 2020)

The Kasisi Ng’ombe Health Post in Ng’ombe had a problem of water and sanitation for about three years. The clinic’s borehole dried up and staff resorted to buying drums of water from neighbors for daily use. The Rotary Club of Lusaka completed a water and sanitation project at the health post. The project; connected Lusaka City water to the Kasisi Ng’ombe Health post;
erected an overhead tank stand for a 10, 000 liter water reserve; dug a septic tank and soak away; converted five pit latrines to modern flush toilets and installed hand wash basins inside the clinic rooms. The Health Post staff were grateful for they no longer struggle to maintain their work place clean, as well as maintain hygiene amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. Handovers to the Health post and government are underway.


Network for Environmental Concerns and Solutions, (NECOS), an NGO connected to /supported by WWF that supports ‘clean’ environmental project. Emerging Cooking Solutions is a for-profit organisation that markets and produces and markets clean cooking stoves that use wood pellets as source of energy


By partnering with Solar Aid – Zambia, three Rotary Clubs in the UK and the Rotary Club of Lusaka seek to light up Rotary by supplying 89,000 in the Year 2014/2015to Zambia to reach and materially alter the conditions of life for between 300,000 and 450,000 people and be a further major step in rolling out solar lighting throughout the remote parts of Zambia.


Chikuni is a 1st level hospital located in 35 km away from Monze CBD. The hospital carters for approximately 25,000 inhabitants. It has 108 bed spaces for inpatients.

The project intends to refurbish the pediatric ward and aligned structures, and supply and procure some specialized equipment.



Appropriate Paper Technology (APTERS), is an organization based at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia. It was set up in 1990 to produce mobility aids with recycled paper and cardboard to assist physically challenged children while empowering physically challenged adults.

The RCL has provided other support to Apters before having contributed to the cost of constructing the structure upto where it is now, provision of wheel chairs, etc.

The Club contributed K15,000 towards the construction of the slab.

Club donated 10 wheel chairs of various sizes in 2015 during DG Dean’s visit to the Club.

Apters is building a bigger structure to accommodate is operations. We intend to raise K50,000 for the roof and other finishing expenses.


This is a Lusaka based project that takes street kids off the streets of Lusaka, counsels and rehabilitates them for reintegration into society. Currently runs a farming home in the outskirts of Chongwe.


Shimano is a community conceived Clinic in Nkeyema, a newly created district out of Kaoma in Western Province.


The school infrastructure is incomplete and currently has no staff housing, no running water, no electricity, library, laboratory, furniture, etc. There are currently Grades 10 and 11 classes despite the inadequacies of desks and books and will have a Grade 12 class in 2016.

The school also requires construction of ablution facilities as well as provision of piped water.